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‚ÄčThe Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Greensburg began to update the curriculum in the fall of 2014.  The goal of the update was to develop a clearly defined, linearly aligned curriculum that would be consistently implemented throughout the schools in the diocese.  This process was viewed as a long-term, inclusive project that would involve teacher representatives from all subject areas and schools.  By the fall of 2019 all core curricular areas were developed.  Additional efforts are being made to expand beyond the core subjects to document the curriculum for all electives on an ongoing basis. 

In order to warehouse this compendium of information, teachers and planners were given access to an on-line curriculum mapping software program.  As the curriculum was developed, the planners documented it in a curriculum consensus map that all teachers can see and use.  This process and its resulting maps help to ensure scholarly excellence, which is integral to the mission of the Catholic Schools.  It also ensures that an agreed upon, consistent, clear curriculum, infused with Gospel values is being taught in all the schools in the Diocese of Greensburg.

      While the maps articulate expected learning for all students, they do not prescribe the methods used by individual teachers.  Under supervision of their principals, the teachers have the flexibility to utilize their strengths and teaching styles to address the diverse learning needs of students.  Likewise, educational standards (proposed by state and national professional organizations) are used as resources during the curriculum mapping process.  These academic standards are consistently addressed throughout our maps.  With the help of our experienced educators, content that students are expected to master is determined.  A school can ultimately identify use of its own materials, and instructional strategies for taught skills.

It is important to note: Standards are not curriculum.  Academic standards are general statements that describe objectives for student learning, and the curriculum is designed to meet these expressed standards.  With the curriculum maps in place, schools are continually guided to uphold our commitment to high academic excellence while incorporating Catholic teachings and values.