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 Holy Fire

Cancelled - Rescheduled for 2021

The producers of the nation's largest Catholic youth event, NCYC, invite young people in grades 6-8 to a one-day experience of dynamic speakers, music, and the sacrament of the Eucharist like they have never before experienced. Holy Fire will challenge young people to embrace their baptismal call and embrace the relevant and powerful gospel of Jesus.

Why Attend Holy Fire?

Pope Francis challenges all of us to become missionary disciples who courageously live out our faith. Through Holy Fire, we seek to gather and grow the emerging faith of thousands of young people, accompanied by parents and leaders, so young people see themselves as active witnesses of Christ and engaged members of the Catholic Church.

Who Should Attend?

All 6th to 8th grade students from parish religious education, Confirmation, youth ministry and Catholic schools, together with their teachers, catechists, youth ministers, parents, chaperones, and pastors from throughout the region are invited.

Ticket Prices
Includes event, coach bus ride, lunch, and dinner. Please pack a breakfast.

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